How to make a Nimblewill Nomad’s Little Dandy Wood Stove

The stove is named by  The Nimblewill  Nomad       —         M. J. “Eb” Eberhart. He used the stove on one of his walks and the quote from his website is, “This stove was made in about 45 minutes in my shop with materials from spare gear (and scraps from under my workbench), and then carried and used for the entire 298 days and 4400 miles during “Odyssey ’98.” His website is well worth a read as he has some remarkable stories and poems.

 It is a wood burning stove but can also take other fuels such as a trangia meths burner, hex blocks, tealights etc..

I printed out the template from the web-site  and cut them out. I should of used card or stiffer paper but I didn’t I used the normal printer paper.

I then drew around the templates onto an old computer case tower side which was the perfect size for the templates.

I cut the templates out using a Dremel with a metal cutter .

Once the templates were cut out, de-burred and cleaned, I started to make sure they joined together, doing this  as I went along so that I could adjust it as needed.

Here are all the pieces cut out and ready to assemble..

As you can see there are 2holes in the base plate. They are to put tent pegs in to secure the stove on the ground. Also I made two fronts, the original I wasn’t happy with as I could see the wood and ash falling out so I made my own front which seems to make the stove more stable and still gives plenty of room for wood to be added to the fire through the hole.

The original stove complete..


I have changed the front and this is my design..


Here are the links to the stove, the template and to Nimblewill Nomads website.


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