How to make a Firesteel Handle from Eucalyptus and Antler

I purchased 2 good quality firesteels from The Bushcraft Store in Enfield. I took my daughters other half over to show him where it was. We are both into Bushcraft, wild camping, knife making etc and the Bushcraft guys are really helpfull.

I decided to make the handles for the steels rather than buy a plastic handled firesteel.

I had a Eucalyptus branch from a friend who was trimming his tree. I cut 2 x pieces off the branch and a small piece of antler








Once the design was decided I set about cutting the wood to shape.

Now that the rough size and shape was cut I then mixed the epoxy resin and glued the three pieces together and clamped them to set overnight

Once the handle had set I started on the shaping with heavy filing to start with and gradually working my way to a finer file.











I then drilled a 9mm hole in the end of the handle to fit the steel into. The steel was placed 15mm into the handle and held with epoxy resin overnight to set.. Once set I finished the handle of with 600 grit and finally 1200 grit until i was happy with the finish. I like to use TUNG OIL on my handles because it brings out the grain and also weatherproofs it with the natural oil.


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