Time for tea…..

After an absolute age I am back to the blog. Since my last post we have moved house, our eldest daughter has married and my right eye has finally had the cataract removed! All crafting had stopped as most of our equipment was either in storage or in boxes. The cataract in my right eye had not only gone around the pupil but across the front meaning I was looking at a permanent fog, completely frustrating when most of my craft involve reading patterns 😦 We also moved from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed bungalow and so have spent a lot of time sorting through bits and trying to find clever storage ideas, which I think we have done well. The horrible old shed that was here has been taken down (although a tow rope and the car were needed due to the extreme number of 6 inch nails holding it together!!) and Ian now has a lovely new 12 x 8 shed to use as his workshop. It will be taken down again when the weather is better and a concrete base put down and the roof and sides reinforced and insulated so hopefully won’t be too long before the lathe is in action. We have given up our beloved allotment as it was just a bit too far away but now have a local plot, a bit smaller than our last one and in dire need of digging but as its walking distance form the house it will be perfect. One of the nice things about this move is waiting to see what plants appear in the garden. There are 2 jasmine, a grape and some gorgeous lavender plants. Also there is 2 small trees which we believe are plum and peach so if it ever warms up we may have some blossom. The title of this post is in honour of the first cross stitch kit I have picked up in months. It was too tricky trying to sew with a magnifying glass, as that was the only way I could see. I think this will look great in the kitchen as I am a bit of a tea lover 🙂


I have been knitting but nothing really exciting, I finished one of the socks I started ages ago and am on the second and have done a baby hat and mittens just because the patterns were easy.


Anyway, now we are back in action I will keep the blog updated and will add more pictures next time.
Happy crafting 🙂


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