Back At Last And With New Crafts……

Really?? March was our last post?? In our defence it has been a very busy few months but I’m cross with myself for not taking enough pictures of our creations. We have had several birthdays and events and some of the gifts and cards made have not been photographed but armed with the camera today I have taken enough to keep us going for a while. We had Amy and Toby stay with us for a couple of months while they were between houses and that meant the craft room became a bedroom and the workshop/conservatory became a dumping ground but we are now back to normal and better than before. The best improvement is that after 17 years we have a newly decorated and newly carpeted bedroom! Every room has had at least one new carpet and lick of paint except ours so it was definitely ‘my turn’.

One of the biggest changes has been Ian’s workshop. He has been building up a collection of larger tools and now has a wood lathe, bench grinder and bandsaw. This means he is now pen-making and wood-turning and some of the creations are just beautiful. Here is his first ever pot and lid.






He will be putting up some How to.. posts shortly showing some of the things he has learned.








This shows both sides of his workshop, he was finishing a pen that he had just made from a block of resin he had coloured and moulded himself using a resin mix and some of my card making embossing powder to colour it. He has ordered the correct pigment dyes now but the embossing powder did the trick unlike the food colouring we tried originally!


The finished pen looks beautiful. He is still learning and is getting better with each one made. The first one he turned was for Emily who decided she wanted one made from lots of different woods!! Not too hard for a first go then. Ian had a good selection of wood blanks that he had bought for making his knife handles so cut small sections off of each and epoxyed them together. The finished result was a totally unique pen that he gave Emily on her 18th birthday.




Not wanting to be left out I bought a kit for a perfume pen which Ian turned for me in a red acrylic.



Sorting out the craft room was another big job. We shelved the wardrobe for stacking boxes using off cuts of wood. Our local Homebase has a timber cutting area and they put all the odd bits that customers don’t want in a bin and only charge a few pence for it. Luckily when we went they had the perfect pieces for the shelving so we only had to buy the batons. From off cuts of MDF Ian made me a paper rack and a trip to Poundworld got me some great plastic boxes too. I had bought a white cane table from a charity shop a while ago and that is perfect for my sewing machine to sit on. We managed to fit an old corner computer desk into the corner and so Ian has a fly tying area too.








I have been card making and cross stitching as much as ever. One of my favourite finishes recently is one that Ian picked up from a car boot sale. It’s only a simple design but love the way it is framed using an old hoop.








As ever there are current WIPs. The foxglove cushion has taken a backseat for a while and I have been working on Fishermans Haven and a small sampler. As ever though there are small projects in between and last night I finished a small butterfly bookmark for Emily’s boyfriends mum who had sent Em home with some cross stitch goodies she no longer wanted  so to say  ‘thank you’ I made a card and bookmark for her.







I think though that my favourite project just recently has to be the ‘re-loving’ of an old sewing box. Ian picked it up from a car boot for £3 thinking I would like it and he was right but it was in a sorry state, I’m cross with myself for not taking a before picture but imagine an old dark oak sewing box that someone had just painted over with a yucky greeny/blue paint, chipping all over and with the most hideous green frilly interior you have ever seen. It was sanded down, given 3 coats of eggshell paint (another Homebase bargain) while Ian covered a piece of MDF with red leather for the base, then using the old one as a template made a padded cushion for the inside of the lid using some fabric from my stash. Fabric then went round the sides of the box and it was trimmed with lace. The drawer was lined with some cheerful paper wrapped around card. It is now a beautiful piece of furniture that has all my current WIPs in.

Well I think that’s enough rambling for one day. Hopefully it wont be so long before my next post and I WILL remember to take photos!! Not even mentioned the allotment this post so will save that for next time 🙂


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