Freezing February = Hibernation!!

I really, really don’t  like snow! It looks wonderful but I dislike the disruption it brings, simple things going into town or walking to the shops become a mission. This was the view from our front door.

But on the upside I do enjoy staying in and using the weather as a reason to craft. After finishing the cross-stitch Country Path I have gone back to the Country Diary Foxglove kit which is to be made into a cushion. Sometimes putting a project away to work on something else can make returning to it a pleasure.

I also have socks on the knitting needles. I had turned the heel and was well on the way to finishing when I spotted I had dropped a stitch on the leg part! How I missed it I dont know because I had the right number of stitches on the needles but when I tried to pick it back up it looked dreadful, so after a bit of ‘will anyone notice’ I decided to unravel the whole thing and start again. Sometimes a mistake can be glossed over and no-one would ever know except you, but there are other times when you just know it will bug you every time you see it. On these occasions all you can do is start over. At least with this pair I dont have a deadline like the pair I knitted for Toby for christmas 🙂 I fancied knitting something easy and quick the other day and ended up making a small owl for Emily. It only took an evening and was very simple but enjoyable.

Ian has been working on his hand-stitched leather waistcoat and it is looking great. Hard work as it is all done by hand but it will be worth it in the end. He is going to line it with an old shirt and put in pockets.

He has also been working on some flies, getting ready for the start of the season. When he was building his rod we put the kitchen table into the living room as he needed the length of it for the drying process and after it was finished we decided to leave the table there as it looked good and would be nicer than in the kitchen. Since then, however, it has been a leather waistcoat worktable and a fly tying area 🙂 Notice in the photo my daylight lamp as the last 2 lamps he has used have both broken. He has been warned about breaking mine!!

We have had an offer of an allotment plot closer to home. It would be a 10 minute walk as opposed to our current plot which we drive to. We have decided to keep both at the moment and see how it goes. The council have extended an existing allotment site so it should mean that we dont have the amount of preparing that we had with our first plot. As soon as this blooming weather improves we can go up and have a look at it and see what work needs to be done. It does seem that there are no sheds on this site but being so close to home doesnt really matter. I will try and remember to take the camera to upload photos of it.

Heres hoping that the weather improves and starts to warm up. Already some of my bulbs are pushing through the snow so spring is definitely on its way 🙂



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