Goodbye Summer…..Hello Autumn…

It has been well over a month since I last posted but the time has flown by.  We have been down the allotment harvesting the last of the crops and starting to get it tidied up for next year. Ian spent 2 weeks in Italy visiting relatives and came back with some wonderful recipes one of which is a simple fruit salad. It is just various fruits and berries cut into small pieces, sprinkled with sugar and half a lemon squeezed over it. Once it has been left in the fridge for a while it tastes gorgeous, so simple yet so tasty. However, having become a huge fan of this pudding I was shocked at the price of fresh fruit and especially red and black currants! So we have decided to make one of our plots a fruit bed. We already have a blackberry growing at the top of this plot, called Black Butte, a thornless variety which had a good crop this year but is quite sharp so is more for jam-making than eating.


We have made a start with some old slabs we had at home making a central pathway. As you can see the blackberry support is a couple of old archways which will be taken down to make room  for the ‘new’ fruit cage Ian is building.The odd bit of trellis down the side is supporting a baby blackberry which appeared, it may be moved at a later date. We have ordered 2 raspberry plants and 3 honeyberry plants so far. The honeyberry is something new to us, apparently they are like blueberries but with a honey aftertaste! Interesting to try we thought. We are planning on black and red currants as well and maybe white currants if we have room.

The 2 plastic greenhouses have come to the end of their life unfortunately but like true allotmenteers nothing was wasted. We have kept the plastic covering and can cut it up for cloches when we need it. The metal outer frame is also going to be used as the roof part is one section and with the four of them will also be a good plant covering. The shelving inside them has become my ‘new’ green house staging and is much more stable than the plastic shelves I had in there.

As you can see the only plants left in the greenhouse are the aubergine and a couple of pepper plants. The aubergine exceeded  our expectations and we have had plenty of fruit from it.

These are the last few now. It is an unheated greenhouse and although we havent had a frost yet, the early mornings and evenings are fairly chilly now. The last of the courgettes and squash curled up after a particularly cold night so it wont be long before the greenhouse is empty too. In the flower bed the Cosmos are still in flower and my Chinese Lanterns are still going but the rest of the flower bed has been weeded and dug over as next year it will be used for the salad crops.

It seems odd not having any winter veg in this year but each plot really needs a good manure covering over winter and so we decided to let them all rest this year. The middle smaller plots have already been dug and manured and will be ready for planting garlic and onions next week. The rest is coming along nicely, nothing like some digging to warm you up, that’s for sure.


As for crafting I have been mainly cross-stiching and Ian has been making a leather  i-pod case for Jake. It is one that Jake designed himself and the prototype came out well so Ian is now doing it on the leather that Jake chose. I am currently doing a design of a letter V with a teddy bear for my mother-in-law Violets birthday. There are quite a few birthdays coming up as well as Christmas so I really must get some cards made. We have to post off a Christmas card and present for Ians Uncle Ernest on Tristan da Cunha by the end of October or else it will miss the boat with the Christmas mail. With the shorter days and colder weather we tend to hibernate in the warm so a lot more crafting than gardening will be done.


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