Who’s Great Idea Was This?…..

After 16 years of using the loft as a dumping ground for all those ‘we may need it someday’ bits we decided to empty it out and give it a good sort. Before we started this seemed like a good plan but after we had filled the spare room with boxes and realised we had only emptied a corner it didn’t seem so much fun! Looking through some of it made us wonder why we had not only had we stored it for all these years but also why had we kept it in the first place. I had kept pieces of paper that Amy had bought home from school when she first started at 5 and she is turning 25 this weekend! I have kept some of the more important bits like cards and special drawings but it seems I kept everything from spelling lists to school notes! Also in this heat a loft is not the best place to be and Ian must of lost several pounds in weight after being up there! We have a large number of boxes filled with books that we cant actually move at the moment as we packed them in the loft so they are staying up there and Ian is going to build a book-case along one of the living room walls so we can get them down. A large pile of loft stuff  is now heading for a car boot sale and if it doesnt go there then it will go to the charity shops, and we have enough rubbish to do 2 dump runs!! However, today we ignored the black bags and boxes still left to be sorted and had a day out in Chepstow as Mat was holding a conference there and asked if we would like a trip out, same as we did to Stratford. So at 6.30 this morning we headed up the M4. We have visited Wales a number of times but have never been to Chepstow and I have to say it is a lovely town. We had a few geocaches to do there and the best one was at the start of the Offas Dyke Path. It overlooked the estuary and although it was a windy day the sun was out and it was very warm. We found a lovely Wetherspoons pub called the Bellhanger and had breakfast before we started there, lunch when we got back to the town there and then an afternoon coffee before we were picked up for the journey home. the nice thing about long journeys is that I can sit in the back and get some knitting done. I have started a ‘mug hug’ which is basically a cardigan for your mug, not particularly practical but I think they are cute.




Down the allotment we have dug up several rows of our early potatoes and have eaten a fair few already, it is always a sign of summer when we have our first new potatoes. We have had a dinners worth of the french beans and carrots and in the greenhouse the peppers are doing really well. Good job really because this year everything has been a bit disappointing. We are not sure if its because the ground needs feeding or if its because Im using old seed but we are planning to manure each plot this winter and also buy new seeds for next season. We still have plenty to keep us going but we were really spoiled with the exceptional results of our first year and so last year and this year haven’t matched up to that standard. Never mind, we are gardeners and so are blaming everything from the soil to the weather and are already looking forward to next season.

I am plodding on with my Country Footpath cross stitch kit and, despite the many greens it is quite easy to follow. I will update with a picture soon when I havve got the house back to normal!


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