A Week of Celebrations…

We seem to have had something to celebrate every other day this week. It started with Emily’s 17th birthday, then it was our 20th Wedding anniversary and a couple of days later Fathers Day! A great excuse for card-making but I sat at the table and waited for inspiration and yet even surrounded by gorgeous papers and embellishments I struggled to come up with anything! Eventually I made Em a cupcake inspired card but I seemed to have lost all ability to stick paper straight! It did look good in the end and I was pleased with it but I admit that the card for my father-in-law was one from my ‘already made’ box. My dad doesn’t ‘do’ fathers day as  he feels its ‘commercial nonsense’ which, considering my distinct lack of inspiration, was probably a good thing. We had everyone up for Ems birthday and fortunately it was a lovely evening so we were able to go into the garden and light the chimnea and sit on our log seats toasting marshmallows. Em  had picked a ‘retro’ birthday tea as it was her last year before becoming an adult, so we had triangle sandwiches, crisps and jelly and ice-cream!

It seems incredible that we have celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, the time has flown by.  We decided to go out for the day and stop for a bit of lunch. While we were out we visited a charity shop and I found a lovely cross-stitch kit that reminded me of some of the wonderful walks me and Ian have done. So despite my resolve to finish my foxglove kit I couldn’t resist starting this one.

Ian had a good Fathers Day with presents from the  girls and a KFC dinner which is always a winner!

We had a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon this week. My brother had a work meeting there and so we hitched a lift to do some geo-caching in the area. He dropped us off at the town of Wellesbourne about 5 miles out of Stratford and we had a great day doing a circular walk and 18 caches in total. The main one was a Little Quest one, this is a series of 48 caches with each on in a different county so is a long-term project. We have dont the local counties of Bucks and Oxford so it was great to add Warwickshire to the list. It was a great walk of about 6 miles from Wellesbourne to Charlcote and back again. The weather was good all day until we got to the last 2 caches when the heavens opened! We put on our waterproof coats but this was not ordinary rain, it was horizontal rain and the drops were the size of 2 pence pieces! We were drenched and covered in mud, there was nowhere to shelter so we just ploughed on until we got back to the town where it promptly stopped raining and the sun came back out. As we turned the corner into the town we spotted a charity shop so, not fancying an hours drive back home in sodden jeans, we popped in and found some trousers and asked the lovely shop manager if we could buy them and use her changing room to put them on. As Ian bought a shirt and  jacket as well she was more than happy to let us. We did have to explain to Matthew why we had different clothes on when he picked us up!

 View from our picnic..

 Before the downpour!

 Outside Charlcote house.

 Wellesbourne Church.

The nesting birds in the garden are now fledged but they are still feeding the babies and are beginning to look a bit worn out. This year we have had so many more breeds in the garden than previous years which is brilliant. The baby robins are the noisiest and are so cute sitting with little pot bellies calling their parents constantly, I’m sure the parents will be glad when they can fend for themselves!




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