As Promised Here is The Photo…..

Well despite the heavy rain and strong wind we have had over the past week our scarecrow is still standing and as promised here is a photo of her.

I was hoping to give her a really cool name but it seems that people are mistaking her for me!! I would like to point out that, although she may be wearing clothes similar to what I would wear ( a bit less bright !) I am not as ‘well padded’ as she is. Stan, who has the plot next to us, said to Ian this morning that he nearly came down to say hello to me yesterday then realised it was the scarecrow, so she is called ScaryMandy! I must say though that if you catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of your eye she does look real. She is surrounded by our smaller Poundworld ones.


The lupins that I have in the flower bed by the shed are now turning to seed but the poppies are looking great. I have now planted most of the flowers and have a mix of French Marigolds, Coreopsis, Phlox and the obligatory tray of unknown flowers, due to losing the seed label! Every year I promise to be more organised but every year there is a tray of plants that I have no idea what they are.

The peppers in the greenhouse are doing well but the one that I am really looking forward to is called Big Jim and it is the long red sweet banana peppers. When we went over to our local supermarket a while ago we bought a pack of two of these peppers and, although they are delicious, they were £1.90 for 2!! So I’m hoping we get a good crop from it but even if we don’t I love the name of it. The one next to it is a smaller, hotter variety. I bought this as my Ring of Fire Chilli seeds didnt germinate first time of sowing so I bought this one. However, the second sowing has produced 3 plants, only small at the moment and probably a bit late but the greenhouse is lovely and warm for them so we shall see what happens. We don’t have a strawberry bed anymore as it took up a lot of space but I did keep 2 plants purely because I had grown them from seed and everyone had said it was a hard thing to do. These 2 have flourished though and this morning we had our first few strawberries from one of them. I must admit this is one of the best bits of an allotment, a quick rinse under the hose and probably the best and sweetest strawberry you could have, although I’m a little bit biased of course! I must remember to take a photo of our ‘rescue’ plant. When we were in Wilkinson’s a few weeks ago there was a very sorry-looking aubergine plant. We have never grown them before and had no idea what to do with it but it needed rescuing! I read up on it and they need a grow bag and a greenhouse. As both the plastic ones are full of tomatoes and cucumbers and the greenhouse is full of peppers and leeks, I put it into a large plant pot with growbag soil in and stood it in the middle of the greenhouse. Well I have to say it has flourished in its new home and even if it doesn’t produce anything it is an impressive looking plant. Another ‘rescue’ plant was a grape-vine saved from a garden centre about 2 years ago. Italian Tony from the allotment gave us advice on looking after it, as he has some very big grape vines in his glass house down there and he also gave us a big blue barrel to plant it in and again after some TLC that has grown into a very healthy plant.


At home I have some salad planted just in pots outside the back door and the lettuce leaves are nearly ready for picking and the radishes are looking healthy too. The 2 green pots are dahlias that I grew from seed and the green trough has purple spring onions coming through.


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