The Cross-Stitch Bug Returns…

It never really goes, just hibernates for a while. I don’t know if all crafters are the same but I sometimes have ‘favourite’ crafts that take priority whether it be knitting, card making, reading etc. but at the moment it is definitely cross stitch!

Yesterday we bought a frame for Harbour the Michael Powell kit I finished a while ago. It was from The Range, which has a great selection of frames and I chose this one as the wood reminds me of driftwood on the beach. Because of the awkward size of the kit Ian adapted the mount to fit the picture, and I think it looks great and it is now hanging on the wall for all to see.

When I was sorting through my cross stitch sewing box I came across a kit that appeared to be finished but was still on a hoop, called Heart of Flowers. I remembered finishing it but wondered why I had left it on the hoop, however, looking closer showed that I hadn’t finished the back-stitch! This is unusual as I enjoy the back-stitch. I always think it finishes a picture and can bring the whole thing to life. So it was put by my chair and I decided it would be finished! I got it all out and remembered why it had been shelved! All the back-stitch is in different colours and, to be honest, is all over the place. There are lots of areas where the stitch is between the holes of the Aida and, although this can be very effective, on this particular picture it just doesn’t seem to look right. I’m not sure whether it’s because some of the flowers are small or if it’s the 14 count Aida but I have decided to use artistic license and follow the chart but adapt it where I see fit. It is the only way I think it will get finished as, after all, I’m the only one who will know which bits have been changed and its more important that I like how it looks even if it’s not what the design dictates!

The Country Diary Foxglove kit, my current large project, is coming along great. I’m really enjoying this one and, although it has plenty of shades of purple, the chart is very easy to follow and the flowers are taking shape quite quickly, always an incentive to carry on.

I enjoy the small cover kits that come with magazines as they are quick to do and give a break from the larger projects. I have just started the All Our Yesterdays kit that came with the World of Cross Stitch magazine and took it with me to do while Emily was at physio. I mentioned to Ian that I could really do with a case to carry small kits in my handbag and so he decided to make  me a leather case. It is a gorgeous red with matching buttons and is the perfect size for a small kit and scissors and thin enough to slide into my bag.


One hobby that we never get tired of is geocaching and we now have 281 caches. Our next goal is to do an EarthCache and we are hoping to do one in June when we are going camping in Hereford to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. There are some wonderful walks in the area as we will be right on the border with Wales and the Black Mountains. Hopefully by then the weather would have remembered its summer, it’s the end of May and at the moment  it feels like the heating should still be on!


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