Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

Goodness its been a while since I last posted but things have been busy around here lately. We have been enjoying the sunshine although the past few days it has been a lot cooler with a chilly wind here. We are keeping an eye out for a late frost as we now have quite a lot out at the allotment. Most of the seeds sown have come up fine, especially the peas which we planted straight into the ground but some things have failed. Once again I have had no luck with peppers, and I have now bought some from a garden centre. I’m not sure what im doing wrong but they never seem to come up. I also bought some cauliflower because the sudden heat killed off  those seedlings but I can’t complain really and this year is going much better veg-wise than last year. We already have some of the early potatoes coming through and I have enough garlic and onion to share this year.

We had a lovely Easter Bank Holiday as we went into the Cotswolds to do a circular geo-caching walk and visited some lovely villages on the way.



All of the above places had caches. The first photo is of Inglesham Church, a 15th century building. From there we went to Meysey Hampton for our main walk and the photo shows the beautiful church there. The next one is Widford Church, there used to be a thriving village here but the Black Death killed off the villagers and it never recovered. All that remained was the church and farm. The last photo shows the crossroads at Swinbrook where there was a micro-cache, exactly what it sounds like, a very tiny container holding only a strip of paper for you to sign. The road was surprisingly quiet but, also surprisingly, there was a bench right on the corner where we stopped for a quick cuppa and admired the views.   

I have no idea how far we have walked in the past two weeks while geo-caching but we went out on Friday around the Chalfonts and I used the pedometer and it told us we had walked 20,000 steps and done 8.5 miles and that was just one day! I am really grateful for the walking stick Ian made me.


As you can see above Ian’s stick has the 10 year anniversary geo-coin that he has sunk into the top, so the coin ‘visits’ all the caches we go to and my stick, that Ian mad from a piece of hazel, has a tiny compass on the top. All this walking and working down the allotment has certainly made a difference to our fitness and  I can’t recommend geo-caching enough.




The photos above show some of the beautiful places we have walked through and if it wasnt for geo-caching we probably wouldn’t of thought about visiting them, and some are right on our doorstep. Places we drive past all the time but had no idea they had such wonderful walks.

As for crafting, Ian has been practising his secret leather bracelets and has made a razor cutter so that he get the width of the leather right and it works really well. We also had a trial run with his Nimblewill Nomad stove he made a while ago and that also worked well. He had some cotton wool balls soaked in vaseline to use, to get the fire started and, although we were sceptical about it working, it caught straight away and the adapted front he had made also worked well. After finishing Harbour I have started on a Country Diary kit of a Foxglove which will be made into a cushion. The wedding sampler I was going to start can be put on hold for a while as the wedding has been postponed for a year which means I can wait until I find the ‘right’ kit for it. I have a couple of  Thank You cards to make for Emily to take to school as she is leaving soon but a serious tidy up of the craft room is needed first. I am hoping that may help my crafting mojo to return as well as I normally find something that I had forgotten I had! Ian is off on a fishing holiday soon so he will need to be tying some flies to take so the craft room will be our next ‘inside’ job! But while the weather is like this we are making the most of being outside.


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