A Good Few Days….

Well the weather has certainly changed and it is a lot chillier than it was last week. Not good for someone with Raynauds so I am still wearing gloves at the moment. However, we have still been busy. On Monday we went to the allotment and dug up the last of our parsnips so we could prepare the bed for the rest of our early potatoes.


There were a few more than we realised so, after sharing some out, I decided to have a go at Spicy Parsnip soup. It was delicious and so easy that I’m quite glad I have a few left to make some more. We covered our new carrot bed in enviromesh and use the build-a-ball framework to hold it up.  Everything down there is doing well and the seeds sown at home are growing strongly too. It bodes well for a good harvest this year.

On Tuesday we went geo-caching and found some walks in our local area that we never knew were there. Although it was chilly the sun was out and with our flask of tea we had a really good morning.


We had such a good morning out that we decided to go out again in the evening and try to find some more caches a bit further out, taking advantage of the lighter evenings. When you find caches there are normally small bits of ‘treasure’ inside and you can take something out but you must put something back in so we decided to use the secret leather bracelets that Ian makes, as our signature item, so as well as signing the log it shows we were there.


Ian has been working on my walking stick that he is making for me from a hazel stick. It has been drying for a few months now and he has straightened it, shaped it, sanded it down and started oiling it. We bought a rubber ‘foot’ for it today and once the oiling process is finished he will put a paracord handle on it for me. I’m hoping that it will be ready for an outing on Sunday as we are going to the Orvis Day at Meon Springs and are hoping to find a few caches while we are there. The stick is very useful for rummaging under nettles and moving hawthorn bushes out-of-the-way!

 I have finally finished Harbour and the last bit of back-stitch was done last night. Ian took a picture of it before the back-stitch….

and one after….

The difference, I think, is incredible. I am really pleased with it and Ian is now going to make me a frame for it. It is a long, narrow picture and I think a custom frame is needed for it. My only decision now is, do I start a brand new project or do I finish a UFO (unfinished object). I have a Lilliput Lane design that was ‘put on hold’ for some reason and I will find it out and maybe finish that. The bonus of finishing a large project is that it inspires you to carry on and a design will definitely be on the hoop this evening.


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