The Sun has got his Hat on….

What a gorgeous week of weather we have had. It has definitely been an ‘outside’ week. We have done some more geo-caching around our local area and Ian has found a couple of  ‘travel bugs’ in caches. These are dog tags normally attached to a small item and with a tracking number on the back. You have to enter the number on the geo-caching website and there are instructions for the ‘bug’. He has one that is attached to a white Scotty dog, and that ones challenge is to get to Scotland and another that is trying to get to America! It is very interesting to read where the ‘bug’ has come from and where its been. You can also get your own ‘bug’ and give it its own challenge and also geo-coins which can either travel around caches or you can just notch up your own mileage on it. Ian has taken a wooden walking stick and sunk one of his coins into the top of  it so that the coin travels with him on cache hunts. It makes a very decorative stick top. We have also been busy down the allotment, there are now 6 rows of early potatoes in as well as peas, spinach, lettuce, beetroot and more carrots. We put the plastic greenhouses back together after their winter storage and I took the peppers down to the glass greenhouse we have there, in the hopes that the heat and sun will help them along a bit more. The seeds we have at home are going very well and yesterday I transplanted some of the bigger ones and sowed some more. I have sown a few more flowers than I normally would but with a wedding reception taking place in my garden in July I think I need to fill my borders with plenty of colour. I am so pleased with how everything is coming on as last year was a real disappointment with plenty of seeds failing due to the bad weather, but hopefully this spell of good weather, sun and heat will give them a head start. As for crafting we really havent had much time but I am working on Harbour at every opportunity and am now right at the bottom of the chart, but with countless thread changes it takes time. I sat down yesterday after sorting the plants and weeding the garden and must have done at least 4 hours yet still its not finished Never mind it will get done, I am not being distracted by the temptation of other kits or charts till the last bit of back-stitch is done! Next week is meant to be a good one, weather wise, as well and so hopefully a lot of the remaining digging from the allotment will get done and maybe a bit of crafting too.


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