Doctor Who and Geocaching…

To start I would like to say a Happy Mothers Day to all. I was treated to a fish foot massage where lots of tiny Garra Rufa fish ‘massage’ your feet. Ticklish at first but really relaxing when you get used to the sensation. Emily also treated me to lunch in town and my other 2 daughters are coming up for dinner so it has been a lovely relaxing day. Yesterday evening Ian and I went on our first geo-cache hunt. Ian has joined the British Geo-cachers website and got the co-ordinates we need. I was excited to see that Doctor Who aka Colin Baker, who lives in our area, had hidden a cache close by and within walking distance of our house.

We set off about 7pm and the sun was just setting, so we only planned to find the one before dark. The idea is that you are given co-ordinates of a cache and using a GPS  try to find where it is hidden. Easy, we thought, but it was not as easy as it sounds. Eventually though Ian spotted it and it was with great pride we signed our names in the log.

 You are allowed to take an item from the cache but you have to put something back in if you do. We didn’t take anything but left one of the leather ‘secret’ bracelets that Ian had made. Although we were quite keen to look for another one, it had become quite dark so we headed home but I am chuffed that the first one we have ever found was Doctor Whos! We have ordered a geo-coin so we can track how many miles we go on cache hunts.  I have been working on Harbour still and all other crafting has taken a backseat in my determination to get it finished! I am at the stage where the end is in sight but no matter how much I do it doesn’t really show, but it should definitely be finished this week and then the decision of the next project needs to be made. I think that with only 3 months till my daughter’s wedding that anything I want to stitch for that should be priority, I have a habit of underestimating the amount of time projects need and I don’t want a last-minute panic! Ian has been making the leather bracelets, a scissor keep, a small bottle holder and also a leather pouch for his new nomad stove. He is thinking of making another one but enlarging the template a bit to make it larger and now our new Dremel has arrived it should make the job easier.


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