Sunshine, Showers and Wedding Bells….

After the sunshine of last week we have had a couple of days of showery rain which has stopped us digging at the allotment. However, the seeds at home are coming along fine, so much better than last year.

The only ones not through yet are the peppers and chillies but that could just be because it’s not warm enough yet, hopefully with the rise in temperature they may start soon. On Monday Ian went to help a friend remove a tree from his garden and, although it was hard work as it didn’t want to come out, we did get 4 huge logs out of it that we are going to use as seats around a fire-pit, which we are hoping to build this summer.

I did finish the small cover kit from last months Cross Stitcher, which is a compact mirror case. I am hoping to be sent a new mirror as mine was cracked but even so the case is very cute.

I know I’m meant to be cracking on with Harbour, and it is going well but the birds were only an evenings work and sometimes its nice to take a break from a large project. However, I am now cracking on with it and it is taking shape nicely.

We had some great news Monday when our daughter Charlotte told us she was planning her wedding for July 15th this year. She and Danny want a quiet family wedding so we have 3 months to  help her organise things. She is the first of my daughters to get married and my other 2 daughters are to be bridesmaids, so it’s very exciting and an excellent excuse to buy a hat! I am also looking at cross-stitch wedding samplers to do one for them, to be my next project when Harbour is finished, although if I run out of time it may just be a ring cushion!


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