No Jacket Required…..

No, not the classic Phil Collins album but the glorious weather we have had all week! It has been a week of allotment, hospital appointments and family. We have been down to the allotment every morning since Tuesday, making the most of the weather to get the digging over done. I dug half a bed for the early potatoes and we were hoping to rest the other half of it this year but a re-calculation of the amount of potatoes we have bought means that we need to use the whole bed so I will need to dig that over. I started on the brassica bed which is much easier as it was manured last year so is much softer ground. Ian finished the carrot bed using the enviromesh we bought this year and what a difference it makes to the usual 99p fleece from Wilkinsons we normally buy, so much stronger. I sewed paracord into the seams to hold it down which is also much stronger than twine and should survive the weather better.

He has put chicken wire on the side and added plastic sheeting to the bottom, unfortunately after 4 hours of digging I forgot to take a photo of the finished article so will remember next time! He then prepared the smaller bed for my ‘fancy’ carrots and also one for our leftover onions and made a teepee for some netting to cover them. The garlic we planted a few weeks ago are also coming though.

All in all it is beginning to look good. The seeds we sowed at home are coming through now and so we are hopefull for  better crops than last year! The flower bed by the shed is full of daffs and crocus’ and the lupins are coming through as well.


The allotment has kept us busy but I’ve also taken Emily to a physiotherapist and also a hospital consultant on two afternoons. Both she and Charlotte have scoliosis and although Charlottes was bad enough to have surgery to straighten her spine, Emilys isn’t as bad a curve so she now needs physiotherapy to strengthen her back muscles and hopefully stop her back aching. We have also had Amy and Toby up for dinner and seen Charlotte for a bit so a busy week indeed! Ian has been sanding down Tobys coffee table which had a few stains on  and had its legs chewed by a puppy, and he has made a cracking job of it. He used the Tung Oil that he bought for his knife on the top and the colour is wonderful. I will take a photo when he has finished it. He has also been tying some flies for the mayfly season which look good. We are the same in as much as if we haven’t got the ‘correct’ materials for a job we make do and mend with what we do have thats similar and I have to say they still looked good! Today, though, it has been a bit quieter this afternoon and I finished the small kit from last months Cross-Stitcher (I know I wasn’t going to be distracted from Harbour but it was only small and so cute! ) I have also made an easy Mothers Day card and will put it in the How to.. section so you can see it. I am fairly new to cardmaking but really enjoy it and am getting better the more I do. I made all three of my girls the valentines cards to give their boyfriends which they all loved, making me very chuffed indeed 🙂 Tomorrow is meant to be a bit cloudier and so I think we will have a day off from the allotment. We are hoping to go to West Wycombe Hill to view some Red Kites as some of the aerial displays at this time of year are spectacular and Ian has been reading up on taking photos of birds in flight and really wants to get some good pictures of them. He and Emily share a camera, a Panasonic Lumix, as she is doing photography A level, and some of the pictures they have both taken are excellent. Apart from that I will continue with Harbour and try and get that finished, although I did find the sewing pattern for a cushion that Emily and I bought ages ago so may well make a start on that, we shall see 🙂


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