Spring Has Arrived At Last…..

Finally we can say Spring has arrived and the weather is definitely on the up. Today we had blue sky and sunshine and I was able to get the strimmer out and tidy up the front. In the garden the daffodils and narcissus are out and the tulips are nearly there. I planted a few tulips and crocus in the beds by the shed last October and typically can’t really remember what varieties they were ( must remember to keep packets or at least label them!! ) but the tulips up by the house are called Tutti Frutti and are the same colours as the sweets by the same name. I’m not even sure if you can still buy the sweets but I used to love them when I was a child, they were chewy and half pink half yellow.



Its been a busy couple of days but the type of days that you don’t stop but also don’t really feel like anything’s been done! However, we had the family up for Sunday dinner yesterday which was lovely. Now that our eldest 2 girls have their own places it’s really nice when everyone’s together.  Ian has been busy finishing the firesteel for his knife sheath but also making leather bottle holders as well. He is still working on making the new stove but we are still waiting for the Dremel to arrive!  I have been plodding on with the Harbour cross-stitch and have nearly finished the lighthouse. Now I’m on the bottom half of the chart it makes the end seem in sight. I did look at a cover kit that was on last months Cross-Stitcher magazine for a compact mirror case. Unfortunately the mirror that came with it was cracked but it seems this was a common problem and a simple e-mail should see a replacement on its way. The reason I looked at it was not because I’m abandoning my Harbour kit but because I received my subscription copy of the magazine this morning and the cover kit is a gorgeous pincushion kit and it reminded me to check last months…..honestly 🙂 The forecast for tomorrow is warm and sunny so the plan is to go and get some digging done at the allotment. I need to get a bed dug for our early potatoes and Ian has the carrot bed to finish so we can get the fleece cover made for when they start appearing.


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