The Sun was out Today……

However, we still had a frost this morning! It didn’t really warm up all day but it was good to see some blue sky for a change. We didnt go to the allotment though, we have digging and weeding to get on with and they are not jobs for frosty ground! Looking on the bright side though we need some frost for our garlic at the allotment so they can split into cloves, so we shouldn’t complain. I watered the seeds I sowed at home a week ago and already the cabbages are coming through. We have used the same variety for the past 2 years and in the first year we had a bumper crop. However, last year the weather was so wet and cold most of our crop was ruined, but I decided to use them again and hope that we get better weather this year. The variety is called Primo 2 and I have sown 2 trays. They are the tight, light green cabbages that are great boiled then tossed in butter but also good for coleslaw.

It was fortunate, though, that we decided on a day at home as it was a good day for sports. My premier league  football team Tottenham Hotspur were on t.v. at lunchtime against Ians team West Ham and although it was 0-0 it was a good game. There was then Scotland against Italy in the rugby, and we were gutted that Italy lost and got the wooden spoon after their great win against France! I did do some dinner and baked some cakes in between all this sport though  🙂

I certainly didn’t sit just watching the telly though! I carried on with my Harbour cross-stitch and finished the top half of the chart and got a good start on the lighthouse. It really is one of those charts where the backstitch makes it. Michael Powells charts have such a quirky style, they are unmistakeable. I am determined NOT to open another kit until this one is finished! There is just something about new kits that make current projects seem less interesting hence my pile of ‘started’ kits. This is something I have decided to work on and so old unfinished projects are coming out of the sewing box to be finished before any new ones are started! I will do my best but Im not known for will-power 🙂

So, after ignoring the fact the England were being thrashed by Ireland in the rugby, I watched Ians home team, Southampton beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-0, an excellent result that will, hopefully, help them to automatic promotion and with Wycombe Wanderers (my home team) also in the promotion place, it was a good day for sport. All of this was done with the sound of a ‘dentists drill’ from upstairs as Ian worked on his new stove project and spent the day cutting out templates from an old computer tower side, which he will be putting in the How to.. section shortly. He has one more side to cut and has also thought of an adaptation to the original plan which he wants to try but thats tomorrows job now.


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