A Very Non-Crafty Day….

Well, as the title says, not a lot of crafting or hobbying has gone on today. Ian had his quarterly hospital appointment for his cortisone injection and, despite a 10.40 appointment, he didnt get in to the doctor till 12!! I really dont understand how they work out appointment times, we always have to wait a minimum of an hour and others we speak to say the same so why dont they give longer appointment times or fewer patients at a clinic? Nothing changes though and I will go through it all again next week when Emily has her scoliosis appointment, that is normally at least 2hours long!!

However, on a brighter note, when we got home I went into the garden and discovered frog spawn in the pond. Spring is on its way! I had noticed some ‘courtship’ noises over the past few evenings coming from the pond and it seems our frog found himself a lady.

We have had blue tits nesting in our garden for a few years, in a nest box Ian put on a tree at the bottom of the garden but this year we have had a robin building a nest in an old boot he nailed to the fence a few years ago and which is now covered in Ivy. It is lovely to watch him going back and forth with various bits making the nest and we are hoping that, he too can find a mate and use it. We haven’t had any takers for the bird box on the shed which we set up with a webcam, we have camera shy birds here I think. We have various feeders up and find that Ians old fishing line is strong enough to hold it all up but not strong enough for the grey squirrels we have visiting the garden! TOP TIP: Use sea fishing line 25-40lb in strength as its too thin for the squirrels to walk across and they leave your feeders alone. A much cheaper option than some of the squirrel guards on sale! They have tried to get across it but haven’t been able to! I don’t a particularly mind the greys but they are a pain when they take all the food and dig up bulbs so we try not to encourage them into the garden!


For lunch today we tried one of the ‘meal in a bags’ that we bought from Tescos. They are similar to the Wayfarer food packs that you can buy in shops like Blacks and are very useful for long treks as you can empty them into a pan to heat up over your meth/woodburning stove. The Wayfarer one we had was beans and bacon and was really delicious but at £3.99 a pack was an expensive lunch as, without rice or bread, they are only enough for one. However, the Tesco equivalent is only 99p! We picked up the 3 varieties, all various curries, and tried the Korma one today for lunch ( Iknow we were in the kitchen and not in the great outdoors but I cant be the only one who cant wait to try new things and you need to try it first, don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere with a dodgy dinner!) It was actually very tasty, we did have rice with it as we shared the one pack between us, and had good bits of chicken in it. The sauce was a bit runny but the actual flavour was very good and it was filling and warming, so if we had been out an about it would certainly of  done the job. They have some different ones  in Sainsburys which we will also try, but for a filling hot dinner it would do the job.

I have managed to read my Cross Stich Crazy magazine this afternoon and love the Fizzy Moon kit that came with it. I am thinking of starting it later, despite a growing number of UFOs (unfinished projects!), but its only small so should be a nice quick finish, inspiring me to continue with my bigger projects (thats my excuse anyway!). Ian is busy making a wooden handled flint to attach to his knife sheath using a leftover piece of the birch from his knife handle and cutting a piece of flint from a bigger striker, so there is drilling from upstairs at the moment and the epoxy glue is back out! Hopefully will be able to get my needle threaded in a bit when Ive dropped Emily at work and get some cross-stitch done!


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  1. Onelia
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 10:13:33

    I love your blog. I’m learning so much about your culture this way.


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